Environmental Concerns

It seems that we hear a lot about environmental concerns these days. Much of it is simply the result of a greater awareness than in the past; however, much of this concern is also well documented. Even though in most cases there isn't anything to be concerned with, there are still a number of potential home environmental issues that homebuyers should be aware of.

First, it is important to understand that environmental issues and testing are specifically excluded from the scope of the Home Inspection Standards of Practice required to be followed here in New Jersey and from all other standards utilized across the country. Bulk samples, air samples and laboratory evaluation is not included in a routine home inspection.

That certainly does not mean that environmental concerns should be ignored during a home inspection.  There is a lot of preliminary information that needs to be accumulated and that you will need to be familiar with before you decide whether or not to have any environmental testing performed.

In the course of your home inspection we will be taking into account several factors including the age of the dwelling, materials of construction, specific design features and the home's geographical location in the state. This information, along with our observations during the inspection, will help us better evaluate your risk of many possible environmental issues. Based upon our extensive home inspection experience we are then able to address your concerns and advise you on specific risk factors and optional testing and mitigation options that are available.

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