The Home Inspection Report

After all is said and done the all-important end product of your home inspection is the inspection report. Without it you will not be able to make an informed decision regarding the purchase. To reduce your risk, you must fully understand the implication of what was discovered during the inspection and be able to effectively communicate any concerns to your agents.  Further negotiation made on your behalf can be much easier when all parties are able to understand the significance of any concerns detailed in the report. 

Based on the unique findings of each building inspected and utilizing a state of the art computerized system and proprietary graphics JBK Inspection promptly prepares a customized, comprehensive inspection report that details in a clear, concise manner the condition of all major systems and structure plus summarizes all major repairs. Illustrations conveniently allow you to see and better understand the implications of any concerns found during the inspection much clearer than any photograph. Why settle for a simple, stereotype check-off report for the most expensive investment that you are likely to ever make?

To review a sample copy of our inspection report please copy the following twelve digit password and click the link to our post inspection web page. Once there you can log in to preview a sample copy of our unique illustrated report.

Password        090617151306

Included throughout the sample report are links to some of the several hundered informative graphics that may be included in your inspection report. This added value service contains a wealth of valuable information pertinent to the condition of the building's structure, its mechanical systems and various other components. The report will also comment on maintenance items, safety items, obsolete building practices, energy conservation and environmental concerns that may be discovered during the inspection.

Rather then wasting a great deal of your valuable time waiting for the inspector to write your inspection report on site, we prefer to use the time on site to do a more thorough inspection and prepare the report afterwards without rushing.

The report is delivered the next day, and in some cases the same night, via email. For your convenience and only with your permission, reports can also be delivered via email to your attorney, real estate agent, or family members at no additional cost.